Keyword Stuffing Is A Bad SEO Technique

Have you ever clicked on a website and found yourself reading something like this ”Now is the time to buy cheap kids toys and when you’re ready to buy cheap kids toys we are the cheap kids toy retailer that has the cheap kids toys you want. With our cheap kids toys you can find the cheap kids toys that your child wants and never fear of breaking the bank account thanks to cheap kids toys.”

That article doesn’t sound very nice to read, does it? The above is an example of keyword stuffing, a method of seo services that was once acceptable but now highly frowned upon. Using keyword stuffing in an article is considered an unethical black hat SEO technique, and using it in your web content can quickly harm your website and cause you to be penalized or de-indexed.

This type of content provides nothing of value to the reader. It looks bad as well and is not something that will attract anyone, including search engines. Keyword stuffing will be quickly found with search engine tools and when it is the harm could cause long-term effects on your website and how successful it will be.

Keyword Stuffing is a thing of the Past

Keywords are a necessary component of any good web page. When a web surfer puts in a term specific to the keywords that you are using you will find yourself being considered more trustworthy and ranking higher within search engines. Many people tried to manipulate this SEO technique and rather than follow provide useful content focused instead on creating keyword-filled content.

The Google Penguin Algorithm update released in 2012 changed the way that websites would use keywords. This change uses search engine crawlers and spiders to find these sites and when they are, penalties do occur.

Use Keywords as they should be used

These days it is much easier to find yourself sitting well within search engine when providing content that offers useful information to readers while implementing keywords naturally and minimally throughout the content.

Ensure that you write an article that is targeted toward the products that you are offering to customers. They should be well-written, interesting and informative, as well as follow SEO guidelines. Articles should provide something new and interesting to readers and nothing that has already been posted on the web in the past.

When you create quality content the benefits will come your way. Do not use keyword stuffing in any of your content and you will be on your way to a great search engine ranking.